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WE BUILD DENMARK is Denmark's national cluster organization for the construction sector. We are appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science. 

Our vision is to be the driver of sustainable and digital innovation within our industry. Our purpose is to provide innovative companies with direct access to knowledge, sparring partners, and interdisciplinary networks.

This requires an in-depth understanding of the everyday life and conditions for actors within the construction industry. Therefore, we have a close collaboration with both Danish and international companies and partners. We meet with each of our members at least once a year to gather their perspectives and gauge the industry's temperature. 

We aim to: 

  • Provide access to knowledge, collaboration and funding opportunities for our members.

  • Boost the innovation capacity of Danish companies

  • Offer world-class test and demonstration facilities, both physical and digital

  • Expand Denmark's strongest member-driven innovation association for companies in the construction industry 

Black belt in strategic collaborations and innovation projects

We have established collaborations and projects with educational institutions, GTS institutes (Research and Technology Organisations), ministries, agencies, The Trade Council, and have received grants from various stakeholders such as Digital Europe, Horizon, Interreg, the European Social Fund, the Innovation Fund, Realdania and more.

We are interested in strong strategic partners who want to collaborate on projects that:

  • Strengthen the innovation capacity in the construction industry

  • Create practical and market-relevant innovation

  • Generate and disseminate new knowledge

  • Identify and implement best- and next- practices

  • Test and demonstrate the solutions of the future

  • Enhance companies' competitiveness in green and digital innovation

We are especially interested in:

  • Intelligent lighting

  • Mobility

  • AI applications in infrastructure, construction and buildings

  • Intelligent building management

  • Digitization and automation

  • Circular economy

  • Bio-based building materials

  • Build 4.0

  • Sustainable construction site

  • Construction documentation

  • Recycling of raw materials for construction


We work with significant agendas and projects

We have high ambitions, broad expertise, and solid experience in project development and project management.

We participate in several important projects and grants with competent partners. Below, you can find a top 5 list of the largest projects in 2024 (based on the grant amount in the project):

  • CLOSING THE LOOPS -  2023-2026
    35.000.000 DKK (total budget 195.000.000 DKK) the Danish Board of Business Development

  • Innovationskraft - 2021-2024
    25.000.000 DKKthe Ministry og Higher Education and Science

  • Innovationskraft - 2023-2024
    14.600.000 DKK the Danish Board of Business Development

  • CitCom.ai - 2023-2028
    12.160.523 DKK (total budget 300.000.000 DKK) European Union

  • Erhvervsfyrtårn Femern 2 - 2023-2026
    4.414.000 DKK (total budget 46.200.000 DKK) European Union, REACT EU and the Danish Board of Business Development

WE BUILD DENMARK’s legal information

WE BUILD DENMARK is a non-profit, independent association with an elected board.

Additionally, we are privately funded by our more than 300 active members, who pay an annual fee for their membership.

In 2023, we achieved gold certification for outstanding cluster work from the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). This quality stamp is shared with one other cluster organization within the construction sector, among a total of 148 clusters across 20 countries. For members, it means better access to innovation funds and collaborators nationally and internationally. For our partners, it means you can be assured that we deliver quality and professionalism.

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If you cannot use EAN, send the invoice to invoice@webuilddenmark.dk

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